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After building a name through various performances throughout Switzerland, their debut single, Passionless Achievements, was released in late-May, 2022, receiving widespread praise. The band has no intention of slowing down, however, with a follow-up EP currently in production that is expected to be released in early 2023.

Harry Ballantyne


Refusing to stick to one style, Omissis take influence from Metalcore, Punk and Hard Rock, while maintaining a gritty atmosphere reminiscent of the 90’s Nu Metal and Grunge scene. Their unique sound reflects the diversity within the band, with each instrumentalist originating from a different region of Switzerland, and the vocalist hailing from the UK.



While the world was still firmly in the grips of a pandemic, a tiny bunker just outside Bern, Switzerland was playing host to an emerging band with a passion for high-energy music with earworm-worthy hooks. In 2021, the 5-piece lineup reached its final arrangement and revealed a name – Omissis.