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Omissis @ Träffpunktfestival, Biberist / 11.09.2021 (Live)

While the world was still firmly in the grips of a pandemic, a tiny bunker just outside Bern, Switzerland was playing host to an emerging band with a passion for high-energy music with earworm-worthy hooks. In 2021, the 5-piece lineup reached its final arrangement and revealed a name – Omissis.

Refusing to stick to one style, Omissis take influence from Metalcore, Punk and Hard Rock, while maintaining a gritty atmosphere reminiscent of the 90’s Nu Metal and Grunge scene. Their unique sound reflects the diversity within the band, with each instrumentalist originating from a different region of Switzerland, and the vocalist hailing from the UK.

After building a name through various performances throughout Switzerland, their debut single, Passionless Achievements, was released in late-May, 2022, receiving widespread praise. The band has no intention of slowing down, however, with a follow-up EP currently in production that is expected to be released in early 2023.

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